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Top Hat Toilet Design

Elegant in its simplicity | Minimize down time | Toss the “Out of Order” sign.

Businesses that may greatly benefit using Top Hat Toilets™ include, but are not limited to: Restaurants, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, High-Rise Offices, Bars, Country Clubs, Casinos, Correctional Facilities, and Hotels.

Many architects, engineers and plumbers have agreed that this innovative product would warrant specification changes for their clients.

Top Hat Toilet

A giant step for toilets.Making life easier.

The Top Hat Toilet has an access panel located in the space between the back of the toilet lid and the tank.  Using two discreet quick-release latches, the panel door can be opened at the top of the S-trap to afford full access to the drain line.  The obstruction can then be removed quickly using ordinary tools such as a pair of pliers or tongs.  The business’ maintenance crew can fix the problem and tidy up instead of calling expensive plumbers or other service personnel.

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